“Working with Steph and Tamara at Faber Bishopp is always a joy. They are consistently professional, reliable and downright lovely to deal with. I
cannot recommend them highly enough, nor thank them enough for their help in realising my dream to interview Matt Le Blanc!”

James, Mullinger, Writer & Photographic Director, GQ

“Whether it’s stirring stuff from HRH Prince Charles and Al Gore or fun and games with Matt Leblanc and Tamara Ecclestone, Faber & Bishopp deliver time after time – always with good humor and professionalism.”

Anne Jowett, Commissioning Editor, Radio Times

“I have worked with Steph and Tamara for the last 14 years while at the Press Association and OK! Magazine. They are a dynamic duo, proactive and never fail to deliver what they have promised. Highly professional in every aspect of their job, both girls display an endless enthusiasm and energy for the wide variety of commissions they work on. Always a pleasure to hear from Faber & Bishopp”.

Phil Gould, Associate Editor, OK! Magazine

“Steph and Tamara are always a pleasure to deal with, quickly and efficiently providing thorough information about their clients as well as regular access for briefings.”

Alex Farber, Broadcast

“Steph and Tamara at Faber Bishopp PR are always a pleasure to deal with. They pitch realistic ideas and won’t hound you relentlessly with emails and phone calls, making the whole process a smooth one.”

Gershon Portnoi, Shortlist Magazine

“Faber & Bishopp PR has always been incredibly good at quickly getting their clients on board for the right shoots and interviews – which is exactly what I need as an entertainment journalist.”

Hannah Marriott, Entertainment Director, Easy Living and formerly Grazia Magazine

“When some PR people get in touch, your heart sinks. When it’s Faber & Bishopp, you’re delighted. You’re about to get something interesting. They know their stuff, know what I want, know how to make it happen, and are proper professionals. I consider myself a fan!”

David Mark Chief Features Writer, Press Association

“I’ve always found Faber & Bishop very helpful, proactive and on the ball – and they’re extremely nice to deal with too. They clearly know the business well, and are great at introducing Televisual to their clients and keeping us in touch with what they are up to.”

Tim Dams, Editor, Televisual

“When Steph and Tamara pitch to me, I know that they will always deliver. They understand what works for my magazine, are extremely proactive and are pleasure to work with.”

James Mannion, Executive Editor, Live Magazine, Mail on Sunday

“A safe pair of hands sounds like an implied criticism, but when it comes to Steph and Tamara, it’s really not. They’re exactly what journalists hope for in PRs, in that they deliver. Having worked with them many times over the years, I can’t remember an occasion when they didn’t. If they say an interview/set visit/photo shoot is going to happen, then you can stop worrying – because it will. Plus, they’re fun to deal with and quick to respond to queries, no matter how busy they are. In short, it’s always a relief to discover Faber & Bishopp are PRing a TV show you’re hoping to put in your publication.”

Graham Kibble-White, Features Editor, Total TV Guide.

“I love working with Tamara and Steph. If they say something will happen, it does. That’s why I’ll turn to them for industry pieces or comment because I know they’ll get the client in touch in time. They’re smart, thoughtful and know how to make a pitch work – you always have to take their calls.”

Stephen Armstrong, Freelance Writer for Sunday Times Culture, Guardian and Radio Times

“I’ve worked with Steph and Tamara for a couple of years on various different projects and have always found them very professional and organised. They will go out of their way to make something work for you and they understand exactly what will work for us in terms of features. They are both very personable and great fun. I can honestly say they are two of my favourite PRs as they make everything so easy and enjoyable.”

Kate Jackson, Features Writer, The Sun

“I have worked with Tamara and Steph on many projects over the last few years and in every case they’ve been full of ideas and immensely helpful in getting them implemented. Unlike some PRs they have a sense of what editors – and readers – might want to read rather than just pitching clients any which way. Most importantly, they have the massive competitive advantage of being nice people. Veterans of the delightful industry in which we work will know this is a much rarer quality than it should be.”

Benji Wilson, Freelance writer for Sunday Times Culture, The Telegraph, Radio Times and Mail On Sunday You Magazine

“I have known Steph and Tamara for many years and they are amongst the best PRs I have ever worked with. So it was an absolute delight to hear that they were teaming up for their new company. And I have to say, they haven’t disappointed. It’s rare these days to find PRs who are so pro-active, far too many sit back and wait for you to approach them. They have an amazing understanding of the TV and print markets and their powers of persuasion with particularly tricky clients are second to none. They are realistic about things, but will still always go the extra mile with their campaigns. They are both an absolute delight to work with and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

Allison Lower, Commissioning Editor, Daily Mail Weekend

“Steph and Tamara are a pleasure to work with. They’re always totally on the ball and understand what we need and when we need it by, whether it’s sending out preview DVDs, providing programme information, organising interviews… whatever’s required. They’re very proactive and approachable – it’s always a relief to see a programme has been assigned to Faber Bishopp.”

Eleanor Relf, TV Buzz Forward Planner/TV Writer for The Sun

“Tamara & Steph (Faber & Bishopp PR) always have a strong & varied roster of celebrity guests. They are efficient in getting these guests booked in and are always a pleasure to deal with.”

Jemima Headey, Celebrity Booker, The Wright Stuff

“Faber and Bishopp are a valuable source of TV stories for Closer. They consider carefully what would work best for the magazine before pitching to me and always and deliver without a hiccup”.

Susanna Galton, Deputy TV Editor, Closer Magazine

“Steph and Tamara are two of the most fun and forward-thinking TV PRs I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They totally get online and have a firm understanding of what works for us and consequently what works best for the shows and talent that they are managing. I couldn’t speak highly enough of Faber & Bishopp and would relish any opportunity to work with them again in the future.”

Alex Fletcher, Digital Spy, Deputy Editor